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About Me

If you want to learn more about me, I will give you some details about myself, nothing too personal, I will assure you of that.

Getting To Know Me

Download my resume here.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by and look at what I have up right now. My name is Ulysses Harmony Garcia, a person who loves working with music, science and technology, as well as researching fields that are of interest to me. Things I like to research relate to anatomy and physiology, astrophysics on the human body, air and space, three-D scanning and printing--you get the idea. I live in the Portland Metro area here in Oregon, United States.
I work towards making things that are inaccessible to accessible; I aim towards accessibility not only for the blind, but for people with a combination of disabilities. What I want to see is that everybody has the same information that the rest of their peers already have. Such information may include musical instrument charts and tutorials. When I graduate from college, I plan to get a job as a research assistant in whatever clinical trials I am interested in, provided that I get more skills in reading, writing, math, and medical terminology, as well as working with people who know how to work with neuroscience. I am currently running a separate web site using WordPress that details some of my ideas I'd like to work on to contribute my talents to the STEAM fields.


So you can make a picture in your mind, I am about five feet and four inches tall, weigh about 175 pounds, have long, black hair and brown eyes. I am totally blind,. I am severely hard-of-hearing in both ears as well. I enjoy talking to people, except that my disability that is not blind-related sometimes prevents me from following a lot of discussions. For that reason, I am clueless about the latest social trends, slangs, and other things that are floating around me. I am afraid that if I say something, I might mess up the conversation, thus making a fool of myself. This is what I do not want to do. I've been bullied by people who were blind because I had done something or simply because they wanted to act superior over me for not being able to hear. So, I have found ways to either not say anything if I have absolutely no idea what is going on, or if it interests me, I can ask what the conversation was about, so I can choose my words carefully. Sometimes, depending on the environment, I can comment on a question that I know an answer to and I know I heard. A few of the things I have noticed is what people think I can hear or not. There is often a mistake because there is no way for someone to know what I can or cannot hear. I have been told to acknowledge to let them know I have heard. Here is another problem. How do I know if the question has been directed to me if I was not the only one present in the environment? Sometimes I cannot tell when a person is facing me, though they assume I can. So, I had to sometimes ask, are you talking to me? So, all I ask is to be treated like everybody else and try to talk to me more specifically without yelling too loudly. One of the great advantages of having text-based discussions is that I can read everything and know what to say. It is written for me to read with my screen reader or a braille display.
As I mentioned, I have a hearing impairment due to misfolded proteins. This is a disease that destroys neural cells in the retinas and cochlea during development or shortly after birth, and sometimes it can also affect the brain or respiratory system. This disease is congenital, meaning that it has a tendency to run in families. I was born with a pretty severe case of it. I was one of the lucky ones. My brother, who was born first, was probably given a full-blown version of it because he never learned verbal communication skills.
I was born with perfect hearing, and very little vision, except that I never had surgery that would have cleared up the cataracts found in the eyes. Now it is too late, for my retinal cells has degenerated. Now I can only see white light, and when I was younger, I could tell when the same brightness of light was reflecting off surfaces at exactly one hundred eighty degrees from where the beam was shining. This light had no shape of any kind, so I did not know what the surface was until I felt it. I might add that I thought it was a window I was looking at. As my hearing decreased slowly over time, I discovered that I still had perfect pitch, something in my brain that was able to quickly record the number of vibrations per second along with giving a name to match that pitch. At first, I could only copy songs from the radio onto the piano. Then I learned that each note had a name, a letter. As I progressed, I developed absolute pitch, and a really high aptitude in music appreciation, where I can recognise just about anything, harmonise melodies, and detect beatings when tuning instruments, as well as identifying intervals. This comes in handy when dialing the telephone, for they use a system called DTMF, short for Dual Tone Multi-Frequency. I can tell what someone is dialing because each interval has a unique texture, not just the pitch of each tone. This is almost the same way our brain detects colour. When we are born, we do not know our colours by default. That is why we spend our time drawing things of one particular colour so we can register it with our brain. I do have trouble with choral music, because I have to work twice as hard in trying to understand the vowels and consonants.
I enjoy working with various kinds of technology, and exploring various methods to make new things work in ways never thought of before. I am mainly into creating and changing things, but as a sidepoint, I like to work with technical and scientific projects. This I do privately. Due to some ideologies that the United States has towards certain topics which I disagree with, I decided to pursue vocational opportunities relating to this in another country if my efforts to reconcile here is doomed to fail.
If I were to work as an entrepreneur, and if I were to host my own web site on a virtual private server, I could devote my time to help various companies improve their sites and equipment for evaluation. I could show them what people with varying abilities are capable of doing, provided that they have a really good accessible interface. That's just one thing I could do. I really enjoy doing crafts and arts, so I might plan to make a sale of those things as well.
If you want to contact me, just click the contact link at the top or bottom of the page and you should hear from me very soon.

currently in store

As I'm writing this mid-way through 2018, I have undergone through so many changes, and I learned a lot about myself, my interests, what I want and what I need. This year, I am documenting everything that happens to me, including memories of favourite events that occurred when I was younger.
There is just so much in life, and there are so many choices to make, each with its own consequence; the reaction that accompanies that choice. I want to learn about anything and everything. This is what motivates me to becoming a researcher. As opposed to working with music and technology, I love to research medicine, physics, biology, and the like. As of now, I want to find a way to send a light signal to the visual cortex so we can experience colour. If you read the articles found in the productions page, you will find these articles full of information. They will make you think of things you never thought of before. Sometimes it can cause a break in emotions. So, please, enjoy your time visiting here. This is the place to get away from the latest fashions. I try to keep it simple and ordinary as possible.
Since I am so involved in the classical period, I tend to criticise others in our modern society. My views about the internet and informality as an old soul is just too much for others to bear. I suspect this is due to conformity. In my opinion, our world has become more and more imperfect due to diversity. Now, in the real world, we can never be perfect, but efforts are being made to pursue perfection, and there is nothing wrong in doing that. Look at these organisations, petitions, campaigns, movements, and revolutions that are taking place. Back to top