Art Resources for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Did you know that blind and visually impaired people can paint, make things out of clay, dance, and perform in drama? Such things seemed impossible. Below are a few links that might be of interest to you, how do blind people dance, can they? How do we read scripts to memorize. We use Braille.

For Drawing

Here is an interesting site that might have some information on tactile drawings. APH Draftsman tactile Drawing Board. This board makes drawings tactile by means of making raised lines. You use a lead pencil, insert a special film of paper on top of a rubber mat and clip everything down. Here is an interesting article for those of you interested in dancing. With some help of a sighted person, you are surely going to be able to dance.

People in Drama club activities.

There is an international drama festival for blind people in the 'Association for Theatre And Accessibility' which is an organization that helps blind people get involved in many sports that include Drama. Ever wanted to hear someone who is a blind movie director? Here is your chance to meet one on FSCast by Jonathan Mosen.


This is how blind people sculpture. Here blind people can use clay and a variety of other materials to represent their creativity that both sighted and sightless people can see and feel. Here you can download a PDF which gives lessons for people with some vision to paint.


People who are sightless are able to create many things by using paper, sizzors, glue, and some paint. People can sculpture out of wood as well. Learn about carving in wood sculptures. Want to learn more about sculpturing? You can visit Wikipedia for more information.
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