Keyboard command Resources

Hello, here you will find resources to a lot of different keyboard shortcuts for the many programmes blind people like to use on a daily basis.

These can be anywhere from screen reading, web, e-mail, assistive technology, and other programmes that may be accessible using keyboard shortcuts. Use the links above to choose your category. From there, you can choose the software you want to view.

Mailing applications

Mozilla thunderbird

This site has headings allowing direct access to the desired content. Click here to view shortcuts for Thunderbird. The site has a table that you can use to navigate using the alt+control+udrl (up, down, right, left arrow keys,) to move up a row, down a row, left, a column, or write a column.

Web-browsing applications

Safari for Macintosh

Keyboard commands for Mac only

Internet Explorer Shortcuts

This site has headings which allow some access to what you need, but you should be able to find all different categories. Visit this page for more information about Internet explorer and to obtain new keyboard commands.

Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

The site is laid out similar to the Mozilla thunderbird site. It has headings that allow direct access to the desired content. This site has a bookmark of links to let you go from one heading to another. Below each heading is a table which you can use to look at the different commands. The key strokes are divided into different categories, navigation, commands, editing, current page, Etc. To view these keyboard commands, click here to go to the firefox site.

Screen-Reader and Assistive Technology Programmes

Voiceover, a screen reader for Macintosh

Keyboard commands follow below. Note, this link will ask you to download a PDF file.

Kurzweil scanning/reading software

Click here to download the PDF file.

Open Book, scanning and reading software

Click here to learn more about Openbook and its keyboard shortcuts.

Audio Graphing Calculator (AGC)

Audio Graphing Calculator, an accessible program that is a substitution for the hand-held TI80 and higher models, is a program that is very accessible. You can have it read fields out loud to you, and as well as perform other functions. Just click here to go to the View Plus site.

System Access and system Access to go (SATOGO) Key Commands

System Access can be made to run on any computer, similar to NVDA. Its commands are similar to JFW and NVDA. For more instructions on how to use system Access and to learn the many different shortcuts, click Click here to go to Serotec.

Hal Screen Reader

This site provides a word document which can be downloaded and viewed. The link to this site is

NVDA preference

This site provides keyboard shortcuts for NVDA’s menus and how to control how NVDA behaves. The URL for NVDA's keyboard command list is: ,a href="">

JAWS Keystrokes

Here, we are presented with Freedom Scientific’s site which is very accessible and is very descriptive. The URL for this site is


Window-eyes keystrokes will be laid out similar to JFW commands, that way users will not spend time on the screen reader. Click here to visit GWMicro Support.

Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Office Word 2002, 2003, and 2007 Keyboard Commands.

The URL for this site is

Microsoft Excel Keyboard commands

Microsoft Excel is something we blind people should use more often, except that we assume it is not accessible, but if you take a look at the keyboard shortcuts, you might change your mind. To look at the shortcuts, click here to view Excel shortcuts.

Microsoft Outlook

Click here to get your information on Outlook.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Here, we have a site that is presented with headings allowing direct access to desired content. To visit them, click Microsoft site.

Microsoft Active Sync

Microsoft Active sync is popular software among the blind community. There are keyboard shortcuts provided which you can download from this site. This is a word document, choose 'open' in Microsoft Word.

Telephony and communication-related applications

Skype Keyboard commands

The keyboard shortcuts for Skype can work no matter what screen reader you are using. The URL for this site is

Audio and Music Production Programmes

Gold Wave Keyboard Shortcuts

Gold Wave is a popular sound-editing software. There are keyboard hotkeys that are provided for one to view. The link to this site is:

Audacity Keyboard Shortcuts

Audacity, another sound editor that is free and open-source, has some keyboard hotkeys you should know about. To look at what they have, go to

Adobe Audition hotkeys

Adobe Audition has a set of keyboard shortcuts, not only for us screen reader users, but to help in speeding up the editing process. You can visit them at

CakeWalk Sonar Hot keys

Click here to view Sonar Shortcuts.


ITunes is a popular player that works on Windows and Mac. Available keyboard shortcuts can be found at the Apple site. The site has headings within the tables for direct access to data.

WinAmp keyboard shortcuts

Win amp is a popular media Player that is used among the blind community. There is a way to get keyboard shortcuts from within the player itself. Click here to visit a blog which has the list of shortcuts.

Windows Media player Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Media player is a program that is not used a lot by the blind community, but comes with windows. Here are the available keyboard shortcuts. Click this link to view the shortcuts now.

Reading Applications

Adobe Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Reader is a program that will read PDF documents. It is made very accessible and provides lots of commands to work your way around. To learn more, visit them the Adobe site.

General Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows XP general Keyboard Shortcuts

To view Windows XP keyboard commands, Click Here to go to Microsoft's site.

Windows Vista General Keyboard commands

To view general keyboard commands for Windows Vista, click this link.

Windows 7 Keyboard Commands

To view general hot keys for Windows 7, click this link.
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