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Welcome to the hardware Resources page. Here you can find anything from embossers, notetakers and braille displays, mp3 players and recorders, you name it.

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Braille Displays

Here are the currently available braille displays on the market. click here for the Sync Braille from GWMicro. Learn about the Power Braille Display. Learn about the Freedom Scientific Focus Displays for visually impaired users. You can also visit this page for more information on Bluetooth Braille displays. Freedom Scientific's Pac Mate Braille display, 20-cell and 40-cell. ALVA Braille Display from the 500Series to the 600 Satellite APH's RefreshaBraille18 can be found here.

Braille Embossers

Here are the currently available Braille embossers on the market. Visit Index Braille to learn about the Index Braille Embossers. Or, you can try This link. This is a place to learn more about the Braille Blazer. enable Mart is a place to buy many great products, and one of them happens to be the Romeo Braille Embosser. More details on the Juliet Braille Embosser.

Daisy Players

Here, you can find things like Book Port Plus, Victor Reader Stream, and Plex Talk, and many more. Learn about the Book Sense from GWMicro. Here is the link to APH's Book Port+. The classic Book Port, now discontinued. Another Enable Mart site that will have more information about the Plex Talk Daisy Player. Here you can buy a Telex using Blind Bargains to guide you to the seller. Note that this deal could have already expired. Here you can learn more about the Victor Reader Stream. You can also learn more about Victor Reader Classic, the Wave and Vibe. Learn more about the NLS digital Book Player.

Accessible Cellular Phones Including I O S and Android

Nokia phones can be used with the Talks screen reader, also they are known as Simbian Phones. Here is an article explaining what a smart phone is. You can install Mobile Speak and use it that way. Are you in need of using a TTY? Freedom Scientific has a TtY system for the deaf-Blind. For all nokia phones, Nuance Communications introduces us the Talks Screen Reading program for Simbian phones. Learn how to install Mobile Speak on your Smartphone. Learn all about the Android and how you can make it accessible with SpielScreen Reader. Learn about the IPhone and voiceover.

Notetaking Devices

Learn about many different note taking devices and how to use them. Learn about Freedom Scientific's PACMate OMNI. The Braille Note ApexBT32. Also learn about the Braille note and Braille Note Empower. Learn about the Braille+ and the Icon. Learn about the Braille sense from GWMicro. Here is some deafblind-friendly equipment, which includes notetakers with Braille displays. Also learn more about The BrailleNSpeak from Freedom Scientific, the APH Scholar is a replica of the Braille'n'speak, except that it has some features of its own.

Mobility Devices

Learn how to use the Miniguide US, an ultrasonic device that is used in mobility.
KSonar is similar to the Miniguide, except that the sonar is basic.
This might be useful to map out a route on a diagramic kit.
Wanted a small, portable GPS unit? Trekker Breeze is your option. More information can be found by clicking the link above.
Here is another GPS which you can learn about by going to a review on AFB. This GPS system is free to anyone who has received a dogguide from Leader dogs for the Blind.

Independent-living devices

Here you can find interesting items that can relate to appliances, medication, or cleaning. APH has devoted a lot of its effort to create many products that will make independent living a lot easier. Such things include Cannot tell what the label says on a can or box? Scan Talker will read you everything you need to know. nFb has a catologue of some of the same products APH has, except that they have more extensive variety of products that pertain mainly to medication and cooking.


For scanners, many people like to use Epson, HP, canon, and the Pearl Camera. There are a few that are made especially for blind users, such as the Sara, Sara CE, and Kurzweil Standalone scanner. Learn about the Sara Classic from Freedom Scientific. Learn more about the Sara Camera edition. You can learn more about the Kurzweil Standalone version. Click here to learn more about the Canon Scanners. Learn about the HP scanners. The all new PEARL camera portable reading solution is now here! A note to all who are interested in the pearl. This device only works with Openbook V9.0, and will not work with anything else. Learn all about it by clicking the link above. Learn about the Epson Scanners.

MP3 Players and recorders

To learn about talking mp3 players, you can go to this site.
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