Math Resources

Welcome to the Math Resources page. Here you will find links that will lead you to many products and services that are relevant to mathematics.

For educational purposes

Use APH's Math Flash for students. Does everything from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to more complex operations. This program is not only for elementary school students, for it also supports integers using negative and positive numbers.

Using Math word processing

Learn about how Virtual Pencil can be a great educational tool for blind students. This may not be useful to blind users, but it would certainly be an interest to sighted or visually impaired people. Math type is a program that lets you input unusual equations that are not normally found in Microsoft Word or some other word processor. Remember how Math Type can be used to write equations? Well, Math ML and Chem ML are now being used by screen readers to output these equations from textbooks and anywhere on the web. While not directly related to math, Money Talks is a banking account program that is very accessible to use. It can help you keep track of your budget if you find it difficult to keep track of in your mind.
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