Music Resources

Welcome to the music resources page. Here you will find information about braile music, song-writing programmes for Windows and Mac, and sound-editing audio production software.

Braille Music Material

For a list of more Braille resources from NFB, Click here. Learn about Dancing Dots and Goodfeel, one of the best companies that devotes its time with several of their products that involve Braille Music. Goodfeel is their Music Braille transcription software. ,a href="">Visit the music and Education Network for teh Visually Impaired, bridging the gap between the blind and music. Learn a great deal about Braille Music. You can also download a braille music chart Braille Music Chart. Alternatively, you can download another one from the NFB's web site. Here you can get the Braille Music Editor and Braille Music Kit for Finale Song-writing Program. Sibelius is another program similar to Finale song-writer 2010. Garage Band for the Mac. This latter program should be accessible with Voiceover.

Sound and Audio Production

Dancing Dots created a set of JAWS scripts for Cakewalk's Sonar Producer. The homepage of Audacity. Audacity is a great program that is free and open-source. It works under both windows and Mac. Download a copy of gold Wave here. The Demo version allows you to press 1000 keys, therefore you must restart after that. The homepage of Adobe Audition, also used for audio recording. Here is another interesting software made by NCH. Wave Pad may not be very accessible, but it is able to do most of the things you want it to do.
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