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Agencies for Blind and Low-Vision

Major Agencies

visit the homepage of Vision Australia, blindness and low-vision services.
Visit the homepage of the National Federation of the Blind.
Visit the homepage of the American Council for the blind, connecting the blind community around the world.
Visit the homepage of the American Foundation For the Blind.
visit the American Printing House for the Blind.
Visit Freedom Scientific.

Agencies in the Northwest

Visit the Oregon Local Chapter of the NFB in Oregon. Visit the NFB affiliate of Idaho. Visit the Local Chapter of the NFB in Washington State. State of Oregon: Oregon Commission for the Blind homepage. Click here to go to the WCB(Washington Commission for the Blind Homepage. Click here to go to Idaho Comission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Education Resources

Want to learn more braille contractions? This dictionary will help you look up any word and tell you its contracted equivalents. Here is a braille chart of my own design. You should check out Robo Braille. It allows you to send e-mails in Braille documents.
Click here to learn more about the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.
Ever wanted to take an online course of Music Theory? Here you can take several online courses.
The Hadley School is an online-course-taking program. All files are given in PDF formats. You can also download a list of courses from this link. Download this zip file.

Accademic Resources

Click here for information on what Columbia Regional has to offer. You might want to check out The Northwest Regional Education service District. These two agencies are both in Oregon.
Want to learn about many possibilities for blind people to study STEM subjects? Click here to visit Seeing the Possibilities: An Analysis of STEM Resources Available for People with Vision Loss - AccessWorld.
Are you having trouble finding ideas for your next research paper, or are you just a person who loves writing, but want to make your paper easier to write. This article will give you tips to aim towards success.
Are you looking for ways to take notes? This article may help you brainstorm your ideas.

Miscellaneous Resources

Wanted to find employment through the help of your commission? You might want to know who else might be involved. The galt Foundation is devoted to helping people with disabilities to get a job.

File conversion utilities

Want to convert from anything? This online file conversion utility will convert anything from text, audio, or video to whatever extension you want. This site also includes a YouTube converter. NCH Swift Sound Converter How to convert your mp3 files to Ipod format M4B. measure your bandwidth and test your system speed.

Points of interest

Want to share files using dropbox? With dropbox, you can do more than sharing, you can back up your files and sync them to another computer running dropbox. Plus, it is free for a basic account.
click here to get a list of more resources and read many different reviews.
click here to view guides, news, podcast on Apple iOS devices.
Here is a list of all your favorite audio games for the blind and visually impaired.
Watch your favorite movies, and they are all in descriptive video! Download these by using Sendspace. All movies are in mp3 format. Click here to watch your favorite TV shows with DVS.
Want to read newspapers while on the go? NFb Newsline can be accessed by phone, or you can access NFB Newsline Online to get your newspapers by e-mail or sent to your Daisy player.
Want to look the current conditions for any city, state or country? Weather Underground has it all for you at your fingertips. Visit flying Blind, LLC. Visit the homepage of the MBROLA project. Are you looking for a way to know when your next bus is coming? Are you wanting to find a route using the transit? google transit will help you plan your trip. This site is clutter-free and very accessible.
Are you interested to know how walkable your neighborhood is? Walk score will try to score your neighborhood based on the address you enter. A few notes, not all information is accurate, and from what we gathered, some buttons and links may not be labeled.
Want podcasts on just about anything? Blind Geek Zone has things you might be interested. they range from technology, to hardware, software, and even have their own resources page too.
Do you have an iOS device? Are you looking for a database of apps, tutorials and guides for the iOS? You can find them by clicking the link above.
For more great deals, news and resources for the blind, visit Blind Bargains.
Blind How InformationThis has information about varous products. It is often a Q-A site that you can ask questions about any particular product.
Speak to Me Catalogue This site offers a many great deal of blindness-related products.


All Recipes, a popular online recipe search engine, has made a mobile site which is made for phones and mobile web browsers. Since blind people prefer to use mobile sites for easier navigation, we found this site you might enjoy. Want to get directions for a specific product? Get them here by clicking the link above.
have you lost your phone? This site will find your phone. Just type in your area code and number, and your phone will ring for a few minutes.
eBay has recently partnered up with NFb and has made their site more blind-friendly. If you were thinking that the site was starting to become more and more accessible, it may not just be a happy coincidence.
Blind Cool Tech is another resource to download podcasts for technology.
Want to talk to people who are also blind from around the world? Join the Zone BBs now.
This site is similar to the Zone, except that they offer more games. For your information, this is the Blink Nation.
Loquendo can express emotions.

Online utilities

Web Visum, solve Captchas using Mozilla Firefox With Web Visum, you can solve captchas. Note that you must be invited by a present member or by a community leader. Free OCR This site allows you to upload any image and the website will recognize text for you.


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