Screen Reader and Assistive Technology Resources

click here to learn about a vietnamese screen reader. You might also want to check out Job scripts for reading Vietnamese. Click here to learn more about JAWS for Windows®.
Click here if you want to learn more about Window-eyes from GW Micro.
Click here to visit the homepage of the NVDA project. You can download the free OCR plug-in from this site as well.
Visit the homepage of Serotek, the makers of System Access and many other adaptive technology. click here to start using system Access if you have not yet have a screen reader running or if you just want to learn more.
Visit this site to learn about the new screen reader called Cobra.
Tazti speech recognition-free This speech recognition software can work on any windows machine, 32-bit or 64-bit.
Learn about Openbook You can also learn more about the Pearl Portable Reading Solution.
click here to learn about an accessible Large-Print Keyboard.
Click here to learn about a virtual magnifier that is free and open-source.
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